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Mobile Measurement Systems 

mobile systems

Our mobile systems consist of three components, a sensor with amplifier, our input box and data recording based on a notebook computer and appropriate software. The sensors contain miniature full amplifier or have them in direct proximity without considerable routing. The signals of the sensors are transmitted over interwirings to the biovision input box. The amplifiers receive their power supply directly over the input box; the data acquisition needs no external supply. The system is completely mobile and independent, as well as extremely light and robust.

On this base we achieve maximum sampling rates of 2KHz distributed on up to 8 channels. The data detection then take place for example with our program BioDAQ.exe. The complete mobile notebook system may be combined with any of our sensor-amplifier- systems. Obviously we also adapt it to your personal demands.

mobile systems
mobile system

  • Consists of Win 10 tablet or standard notebook with  WindowsWin7/10™ operating system
  • USB-Data acquisition
  • biovision input box with 8 channels, a maximum of 2kS/s
  • Virtual Instrument to detect, display and analyze your data

biovision Input Box

biovision Input Box

  • for 8 channels (24 Bit, 2kS/s)
  • Size of the Input Box: 120 x 65 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 140 gr

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